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Johanne products distinguish themselves by quality and appearance from other products on the market.

The use of natural ingredients, combined with a high-tech production method, provides a unique product that is different from others and that certainly appeals to today's conscious consumer.

In addition, attractive stylish packaging so that the Johanne productrange also stands out in your retail space.

To underline the exclusive character of our productrange, we wish to work exclusively with companies that share our vision and enthusiasm for our natural products.

If you have the same spirit & are interested in representing our brand as a retailer, please fill out our Partnership form, and we get in contact with you asap.

Discover all the Johanne collections here below...


HorsecarePRO: Natural supplements & careproducts for horses. @Johanne, sustainability and technology go hand in hand 

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PROTechnical! It’s time to adapt our style of communication... built in smart and precise signals with the HorsewhispererPro - Enjoy a comfortable training with the Johanne Signature Heating Jackets

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DogcarePRO:sustainable high tech shampoos & conditioners for dogs

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